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Am I eligible for compensation if my train is delayed?

Each train company’s Passengers’ Charter (all train operators are required to produce this document to set out their commitments to passengers) will specify the length of delay to qualify for compensation and type of scheme in operation.  Compensation is usually paid in rail travel vouchers.  In all cases, it is the overall delay to you in reaching your destination which counts, not simply the delay to the train or trains on which you travelled; e.g. a ten-minute delay to a connecting train may delay you by an hour. In the case of “delay repay”, compensation is payable regardless of the cause of delay.

Most train companies now operate a ‘delay repay’ scheme. Under this scheme if your journey is delayed and as a result you arrive more than one hour late at your destination station, you will be entitled to compensation, regardless of the cause of the delay. This will be in the form of travel vouchers, of at least 20% of the cost of the delayed leg of the journey.  Some operators offer a higher level of compensation and shorter period of delay to qualify.  Check with the operator concerned.  This compensation applies to all ticket types.

Some train operators’ scheme  pays compensation only if the delay is caused by reasons within the control of the industry; e.g. a train breaking down but not for situations like bad weather.

For these operators, season ticket compensation is based on the punctuality and reliability of the service over the period the season ticket is held.

Even if the train company is not strictly required to compensate you for delay according to its own scheme, it is worthwhile checking in the case of significant delay as the company may provide compensation as a gesture of goodwill.

If you have contacted a train operator and are unhappy with what they have offered you then please contact us. We regularly have success at getting improved settlements for passengers from train companies; and we will do our best to achieve the outcome you are looking for.

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