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Information on completing the Bus Passenger Survey

Who is Passenger Focus?

Passenger Focus is the official, independent consumer organisation representing the interests of rail users nationally and bus, coach and tram users across England outside London.

Why do we run this survey?

To find out reliably what passengers think of their bus services. With your evidence Passenger Focus uses the results to push for improvements on your behalf through working with those involved in providing bus services.

Does the survey make a difference?

Yes.  Bus companies, local councils, and Government all have a part in how bus services are run in your local area.  This survey’s results are published, so they are seen by those organisations and local/national press.  The results get used to prioritise improvements, but also to show where credit is due for things done well.

My journey today was not how it usually is

Please only rate the journey on which you were given the questionnaire.  Many bus routes at many different times of the day are surveyed, enough for any unusually better or worse journeys to even themselves out.

How is the survey carried out?

The survey is professionally conducted in accordance with the Market Research Society code of conduct:

Are my answers anonymous?

Yes.  The questionnaire does not ask for any personally identifying information.

Will I be able to see the results of the survey?

Yes.  Results will be published around March 2014. To get a copy of the results report, please complete the email newsletter sign-up form – make sure you tick the fourth box.

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