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Insight Preferred Supplier List

Transport Focus Insight Preferred Supplier List 2016/17

Transport Focus has established a preferred supplier list (PSL) which provides a list of pre-qualified research providers to undertake various projects within our research programme.

The PSL enables Transport Focus to procure non-OJEU research contracts by breaking research into types (Quantitative and Qualitative).

There are two Lots within the PSL covering ad hoc quantitative and qualitative projects for all modes of public transport with a focus on rail, bus, coach, tram and road users.

Lot 1 – Qualitative projects – maximum limit of eight suppliers
Lot 2 – Quantitative projects – maximum limit of eight suppliers
There are currently no vacancies on the PSL for 2015/16. This invitation is only to suppliers who wish to join the PSL next year (2016/17).

New suppliers wishing to join the PSL for 2016/17 will need to provide information no later than 18:00 on 30 June 2016 to support their application in line with the Invitation to Preferred Supplier List and will be evaluated against the set criteria. At the end of each year new suppliers will only be added to the list if there is a vacancy or where a new supplier demonstrates a score higher than an existing supplier.

The updated PSL will start from 1 October 2016.

Please refer to the Invitation to Preferred Supplier List document for more information.

Instructions for responding to the Invitation to Preferred Supplier List (IPSL)
Appendix 1 – Preferred Supplier List terms and conditions
Appendix 2 – Preferred Supplier List qualitative questionnaire
Appendix 3 – Preferred Supplier List quantitative questionnaire

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